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Cosmetic/Esthetic Periodontics

An attractive smile is more than just great teeth. Symmetrical, proportional gums are essential components in a confident smile.

Types of Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Gum Graft
In a gum graft procedure, a periodontist removes tissue from a donor site and attaches it to the gums to extend the gumline or add volume to the gum tissue. Donor tissue is most often removed from the roof of the mouth, or some patients choose to use tissue from a tissue bank for the graft.

Cosmetic gum grafts can treat many different gum issues. In addition to improving your smile’s aesthetics, a gum graft will protect the roots of your teeth if your gums are receding due to disease or age and can reduce tooth sensitivity by providing a cover for those roots. Gum grafts are also useful for patients with unusually thin or short gums or have an asymmetrical gumline.

Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening is another cosmetic technique often used by periodontists to correct “gummy” smiles. A smile that shows too much gum can often make the teeth look too short, creating an imbalance. In a crown lengthening, the periodontist will pull gum tissue upward to expose more of the tooth and then sculpt the gumline. The procedure may also require the removal of some bone in order to expose more of the tooth’s root. The result is an evenly-proportioned, beautiful smile!

Ridge Augmentation
A ridge augmentation is a useful cosmetic procedure for patients who have developed an indentation in the gums following the loss of a tooth. A ridge augmentation corrects this problem by introducing additional donor tissue to fill in the indentation.
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